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How to extend your blow dry

If you are a regular at a blow dry salon then you will certainly want to know how to extend your blow dry. Here are a few things I recommend you have on hand. Dry Shampoo ( I recommend the Just Blow Drys, No H2O Dry Shampoo, or Amika Dry Shampoo) Dry Conditioner (Amika makes a nice dry conditioner) Stretchy Hair ... More

Are You Shampooing Properly?

Are you shampooing your hair properly? Did you know there is a right and wrong way? The proper way to shampoo is by adding shampoo and scrubbing the scalp only. Let the shampoo run thru the hair to the ends. Don't scrub the ends of your hair, this can cause damaged ends. Rinse thoroughly, then repeat the shampoo process again. ... More