How to extend your blow-dry

If you are a regular at a blow dry salon then you will certainly want to know how to extend your blow dry. Here are a few things I recommend you have on hand.

• Dry Shampoo ( I recommend the Just Blow Drys No H2O Dry Shampoo, or Amika Dry Shampoo)
• Dry Conditioner (Amika makes a nice dry conditioner)
• Stretchy Hair Tie
• Shower Cap
• Satin Pillow Case

1- Day One – On the first night, use your stretchy hair tie to pull all your hair up and off your face/neck and body. A top knot works great. ( Be sure to use your shower cap to protect your hair from the steam and moisture of the shower)

2- Day Two- Morning: Use your shower cap to protect your hair from steam and moisture from your shower. When you take your hair down from the night before, all the curls and bounce from the day before will still be there. Run your fingers thru it, shake it out a bit add some hairspray and you should be good to go. Evening: Before going to bed, spray dry shampoo to the roots of your hair only. DO NOT BRUSH THRU IT. Tie your hair up again off face/neck and body.

3- Day Three- Morning: Same routine as yesterday morning, Brush thru your hair so dry shampoo can absorb any oils that may be accumulating on the scalp. Add Dry Conditioner to ends only. Style your hair in a cute pony tail, lightly spray to hold in place. Evening: Dry Shampoo, Hair up off face/neck/body

4 Day Four- Morning routine is the same as previous days. Brush thru hair so dry shampoo can absorb any oils that may be accumulating on the scalp. Either another pony tail or a messy bun is perfect for day 4.

Day 5 Time to Shampoo.

It takes a while for your scalp to get used to not shampooing daily, that’s where the dry shampoo can be helpful in getting you thru those days when your hair may start looking dirty. But it’s much healthier for your hair and can help your color last longer if you don’t shampoo every day. Did you know that sleeping on a Satin Pillow Case can prevent split ends and damage to the hair? The good news is we now carry Savvy Sleepers Satin Pillow Cases and everything else you need from this blog to help you achieve a lasting blow dry.

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